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We offer several ways to view and search past dates of our newspaper.

•  The most recent 30 days of our newspaper are available on our website simply by selecting a date from the “Available Dates” dropdown box near the upper right corner of our web site. This will allow you to view select headlines of that date.

•  The most recent 30 editions of our newspaper are fully available, every published page, in our E-Edition! The E-Edition has a date dropdown box to allow selection of a specific date. Click the “Advanced Search” E-Edition button to search for your keywords within those 30 dates. A “Quick Search” input box at the top of the E-Edition allows another quick and simple search of just the currently displayed edition.

•  The display ads from our most recent 30 editions are collected for easy browsing and searching in our “Marketplace”. Access this tool from either our web site or our E-Edition.

•  If you are looking for an edition older than 30 days, you may find it in our archives at archives.redwoodcitydailynews.com . You will need to know the date of when the article ran.

•  Hardcopies are available at most local public libraries.